Maya To Seduce Arjun and This Thing Will Take Place In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Entertainment Televisions romantic  suspence thriller 'Beyhadh' is showbasing major twist &  turn in the storyline.
Arjun and Maya's love story is recahing to its climax where Arjun is at last but not the least got trapped in Maya's mayajaal.
additional Arjun Saanjh and Rajeev's plan gets flopped and Maya kidnaps Saanjh killing Samay aka Rajeev.
additionally Maya confronts Arjun for accepting her love but Arjun denies to do so.
Arjun recalls Maya how she killed his mother Vandana &  Saanjh's father Prem.
Maya in return recalls Arjun that how passionately she loved him moreover she killed everybody who dared to harm Arjun or break their relation.
Maya tries to seduce Arjun & revealing him her passionate sensous love for him that only Maya can give him.
Maya says to  Arjun that the way Maya loves Arjun, no one in the world could love Arjun more than Maya.
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