Maya Laughs On Saanjh Helpless Situation In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

Sony tv’s romantic thriller Beyhadh will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.
Arjun proposes Saanjh and says to  her that he loves her but Saanjh refuses to accept his proposal because she thinks that Arjun does not loves her.
afterward Arjun gets kidnapped by some goons &  on the other hand all the members of the family gets tensed as Arjun does not returns home neither picks up their call.
They all try to find Arjun but are unable to find him so then Saanjh gets restless, she decides to find Arjun anyhow.
Saanjh takes his pic & goes out, she shows his pic to everyone and asks everybody whether anyone has seen Arjun or not.
It will be interesting to see that whether Maya has kidnapped Arjun or not.

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