Maya gets third degree torture in dungeon In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony Entertainment Television’s daily soap Beyhadh viewers will get to bystander Maya behind bars.
Thanks to Saanjh who got successful in getting Maya arrested.
On Other Side after Maya’s arrest Arjun proposes Saanjh where Saanjh will refuse to accept love Arjun.
dreadfully, Arjun will go missing after Saanjh’s rejection.
On the other side, Maya will finally get third degree treatment inside jail.
Lady police will be seen thrashing up Maya and locking her inside the dungeon.
Maya will enlighten the lady police that she wants to go to washroom where the lady police will refuse Maya to let out of this dungeon.
On Maya’s request the lady police will be seen making arrangement for the washroom in the dungeon itself.
It would be really interesting to see what will Maya do now to get out of the jail and how will Saanjh locate Arjun?
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