Maya challenge Saanjh to kill Arjun In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony Entertainment Television’s daily soap Beyhadh viewers will get to witness shocking twist in tale as Maya will warn Saanjh to not marry Arjun.
It was earlier seen that Saanjh and Arjun have finally united avoiding Maya.
As Saanjh has agreed to marry Arjun, Arjun does not want to waste any more time and get wedded to Saanjh.
Arjun in adding takes the invitation card to give it to Maya where Maya fumes in anger.
Maya controls her anger &  will be seen challenging Saanjh that if she dares to marry Arjun then the same day Arjun will face his death.
Maya thus warn Saanjh that her Sindoor will breathe his last after Arjun applies Sindoor in Saanjh’s hairline.
Saanjh will get shocked as she is aware about Maya’s Beyhadh love for Arjun & ready to cross all any limit for Arjun.
Will Saanjh still marry Arjun?
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