Mani's Murder Mystery, Shagun Memory loss Reason , Real Murderer Everything Revealed In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein (Must Read )

The forthcoming track of Star Plus popular soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is all set to portray eye-grabbling twist in Adi &  Aaliya's life.
On OTher side portrayed Nikhil being Aaliya's college boyfriend between which Adi & Aaliya's relation was spoiled when Mani was alive.
Adi meets Mani for resolve his and Aaliya's relation but was shocked to find Mani death.
Beside this Nikhil is interrupting in Mani's murder case &  is trying to help Raman & Ishita to find real culprit.
Along with his hidden intention he is intimating Ruhi which is somewhere instigating Aaliya.
additional Ruhi drinks with Nikhil furthermore Ruhi has doubt on Nikhil being involved in Mani's murder.
Coming on the track back, Nikhil meets Mani for detaching Aaliya from him and marrying her to Adi.
Mani & Nikhil have some quarrel amid which Nikhil says to  Mani that he had relationship with Aaliya which made Mani incensed anger.
In incensed anger Mani beats Nikhil and Nikhil stabs Mani, finding Shagun in room Nikhil pushes Shagun down from window which resulted in Shagun lost her memory.
This major truth will soon unfold the Mani's mystery and that will lead to crack amid Adiu and Aaliya's relation.
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