Disha stunned as Purab beats Sangram for raising hand over her In Zee Tv;s Kumkum Bhagya

The upcoming episode of popular love saga Kumkum Bhagya that is telecasted on Zee tv will witness a lot of twist and turns.
Munni says to  Disha that she will have to go to Sangram as they will go from here only when they will get Disha.
Disha agrees to go with Sangram, even Purab says that this time he will stop Sangram since he cannot put his family’s life in danger for Disha, he can do anything for his family.
Sangram confronts Disha and slaps her, Purab gets indignant however he tries to manipulate his anger.
Sangram once more slaps her, this time Purab loses his temper and he beats Sangram badly for elevating surrender Disha.
Stay tuned for the upcoming twist Of Kumkum Bhagya 


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