Avni begs for help For Neil's Liver Transplant In Star Plus Naamkaran

In Star Plus popular show Naamkaran is keeping viewers glued with Avni and Neil’s interesting yet unique love story.
according To Story track it’s seen that Neil gets badly injured due to bomb blast where Avni takes Neil to hospital.
Doctors declare Neil’s condition to be very critical &  appreciate Avni’s smartness of keeping the Duppatta tied on to Neil.
furthermore, in the series to come, doctors will enlighten about the Liver transplant that needs to be down on urgent basis.
Avni, Ali, Prakash & DD go to get the liver where on the way the ambulance tyre gets punctured creating mess.
Avni begs for help from the passer by where DD manages to get the help.
Avni gets relieved as now she can save her Neil’s life.
Will Amol let Avni reach on time to hospital and save Neil?
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