Anika's Masterplan Against Shivaay Vikram Revealed In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus’ most popular daily Ishqbaaz viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Shivaay to reveal Vikram's real identity to Anika.
In Coming Epsiode , viewers will get to witness Anika and Vikram’s wedding galore.
Shivaay is the one who has planned everything and wants Anika to accept her unconditional love for Shivaay.
on the move, Anika will think foul play in Shivaay’s behaviour with regards to Vikram.

Soon Anika will also learn that Vikram is planted by Shivaay so that Anika reveals the entire truth.
Anika is also not less and will plant her master trick getting closer to Vikram which Shivaay will not like.
Shivaay will get angry seeing Anika enjoying the wedding festivity and dancing out with fun.
consequently, Shivaay will have spiked laddo’s made by Anika which will make Shivaay blurt out the truth before Anika.

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