Totally Not Expected Move By Shivaay & Hidden Twist Will Reveal In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus’ most popular daily Ishqbaaz spectators will get to witness heart rending twist in tale as Shivaay will be seen romancing Ragini.
As reported earlier, Ragini tried to befool Shivaay &  slips off the stairs as soon as Shivaay comes.
Ragini gets support of Pinky aunty too at the same time as Shivaay will pay not pay much heed to Ragini.
Ragini will thus be seen playing her master Stroke to make her entry in Shivaay’s life.
disgracefully, Shivaay will be seen getting intimate with Ragini.
But we all are aware that Shivaay loves only Anika &  can never ever love anyone other than Anika.
therefore, Ragini will be seen hiring a guy to romance with her wearing same suit as Shivaay.
Ragini will later morph the video &  will publicize the video of Ragini and Shivaay’s intimacy.
This will turn out to be breaking news where Shivaay will have to accept Ragini & leave Anika.
traumatized Anika will break all ties with Shivaay witnessing betrayal.

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  1. Lets see how things go between them both. However, reading your analysis, I think that I must watch this episode.


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