Series Of Bold Move By Anika In Future Story Twist In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz  Anika (Surbhi Chandna) turns Priyanka's (Subha Rajput) savior from Kamini's mental asylum entice 

The upcoming episode of Star Plus famous Dailysoap Ishqbaaz is up for some drama in Anika's? (Surbhi Chandna) lifestyles.

Anika is already suffering together with her issue to get  back Shivaay and to get him from Ragini's entice.

There Priyanka is getting deeper and deeper in Kamini's cheap insanity lure and the state of affairs gets on worse.

Ranveer also receives satisfied by way of Kamini that Priyanka is getting intellectual and wishes to take remedy.

Anika rescues Priyanka

Priyanka knows that Kamini is doing all this intentionally and attempts to warn Ranveer but he would not? Concentrate to something.

Kamini plans to ship Priyanka? To mental asylum, while Priyanka calls his brothers for help but nobody alternatives it up, in the end Priyanka calls Anika.

Anika for that reason rush to get rescue  Priyanka from Kamini's cheap trap and rescues Priyanka.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates of the upcoming episodes.

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