Sameera's Deadly Game With Gopi In Modi House In Saath Nibhana Saathiya

In Coming Episode Of Star Plus Saath Nibhbana Saathiya Sameera puts Modi family's life in danger tying them with bomb 
The forthcoming Chapter  of Star Plus’s show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Rikky (Rohit Suchanti) returns to Modi family after exposing Sameera.
Sameera is not ready to accept her defeat so she cleverly ties all modi family in chair & make them player of the game.
Sameera says to  Gopi to bring one by one family members on chess board and is she loses the game then one of family members will be died.
Gopi is helpless as she agrees with Sameera’s condition but Jaggi manages to free himself &  face Sameera.
Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) saves Modi family from Sameera's death game
Rikky frees other family members and they star beating Sameera and Pinku but Sameera throws some explosive material and runs away from modi house.
Stay tuned for further exciting updates Of Saath nibhana Saathiya 


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