Mindblowing Twist ahed In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In Star Plus TRP Leading Show Naamkaran Bebe gifts honeymoon package to Neil (Zain Imam) - Avni (Aditi Rathore)
Star Plus popular daily Show  Naamkaran is showcasing interesting twist and turns to keep viewers engaged.
In the forthcoming episodes, Riya will be seen informing Bebe that Neil and Avni are just faking their wedding.
Avni will eavesdrop Riya’s discussion and will enlighten the same to Neil.
Neil and Avni will thus be seen pretending romance just to assure Bebe that everything fine in the middle of them.
Thus Bebe will ask Avni and Neil to head towards their honeymoon.
Ali (Gautam Vig)-Riya team up to separate Avni-Neil
Self aware Avni will inform the same to Ali at the same time as Ali gets jealous listening to the equal from Avni.
Ali will strive his degree great to cancel Neil and Avni’s honeymoon plan but his efforts will go in vain.
Thus Ali can be visible teaming up Riya and the duo may also land up with Neil and Avni interrupting them amid honeymoon.
What takes place next on the show is a have to wait and watch.
Stay tuned for more updates.


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