Upcoming Twist and Turns In Star Plus Naamkaran

In  Star Plus Show Naamkaran  Neil (Zain Imam) gets near Avni (Aditi Rathore) in kitchen

Star Plus famous daily Soap  Naamkaran will witness awesome twist and turns in the upcoming track.

Neil says to every body that Avni wants to prepare dinner meals for everybody, Avni gets  greatly surprised hearing this.

Avni get tensed as she does no longer knows how to cook meals, she receives furious over Neil for putting her in such a scenario.

Avni attempts to prepare dinner food in kitchen

Avni is going to kitchen and attempts to cook dinner food, Neil’s mother send servants home in order that nobody is there to help Avni.

Avni begins to make something simply then Neil comes there to take something from kitchen and even as taking it he receives near with Avni.

They both share romantic eye lock with each other.


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