That's Why Shagun Gets Irked With Aliya and Decide To Split Ishita and Aliya In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

Aaliya scolds Shagun for making her life probelmatic in Yeh Hai Moababtein

The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohababtein will display that Ishita get a success finding out the hassle among Raman &  Aaliya.

Aaliya is glad seeing the entirety first-rate inside the family however her happiness does now not go longer.

Raman gets livid locating out it became Shagun who bailed drug provider Sristi bailed out.

Adi and Ishita additionally disenchanted on Shagun at the same time as Aaliya thinks why Shagun did this notwithstanding knowing all the reality.

Aliya confronts Shagun for baling out Sristi and Shgaun tells her hat Sristi’s father is Mani’s commercial enterprise accomplice so she did it.

Shagun Decide  to split Ishita and Aaliya

Aaliya get angry on Shagun for developing problem in her circle of relatives and additionally warns her that if she cannot educate her suitable lesson then keep away from her.

Shagun asks Aaliya that she is simply speaking like Ishita and which makes Aaliya indignant greater.

Shagun is absolutely indignant with this insult and comes to a decision not to let Aaliya stay with Ishita anymore.

Ishita’s negativity now spoil Adi and Aaliya’s wedded  live?


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