That's How Samay's Chapter will End and Maya Will Again Turn Victorious In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Tv's Beyhadh Maya (Jennifer Winget) victorious as Samay’s (Piyush Sachdev)  Chapter to get closed

Sony Entertainment Television’s romantic thriller Beyhadh starring Maya, Arjun and Saanjh is going to show off  interesting sequence ahead.

 Maya has managed to make fool of Arjun yet again by way of revealing about  Samay’s evilness sidelining Maya’s evilness.

Surprisingly, Arjun is trapped all over again in Maya’s mayajaal.

Best Part  is that Arjun managed to save  Shubh and Saanjh’s life  getting ruined because of Samay.

Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) broken with Arjun (Kushal Tandon)-Maya union

Moving ahead, Saanjh and Arjun comes  hunt for Maya and Samay wherein they shockingly witness Samay taking Maya with him.

Samay will take Maya along side him and bounce off the balcony.

On the contrary, Samay will breathe his last while Maya will fortunately get saved.

Maya once again will turn victorious as Maya’s secret will remain intact with Samay’s death.

Maya and Arjun will over again unite sidelining broken Saanjh.


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