Samay's Sucide Drama Next In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Tv's Beyhadh  Samay endangers existence for getting Maya's (Jennifer Winget) love

Sony tv’s romantic mystery Beyhadh will witness outstanding twist and turns in the imminent song.

Samay loves Maya loads and he can visit any quantity for buying her love.

Samay is psycho like Maya and consequently he crosses all the limits for getting Maya’s love.

Maya simplest loves Arjun and no one else so she she usually rejects his love however now Samay received’t tolerate all this.

Maya shocked as Samay pours kerosene on himself

Samay wants Maya’s love in any case and at any price, at first he blackmails and forces her to like him.

But now Samay has decided that he will burn himself alive if Maya does not confesses her love for him.

Samay meets Maya and places kerosene on himself; he says that he'll burn himself if she does not confess her love for him.

It might be thrilling to look that whether Maya will let Samay die or she will be able to keep his life.

Stay tuned for the imminent twist.
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