Gauri Reveals Bua Maa's Dark Side and Ratan Death Truth But Totally Unexpected gesture By Omkara In Dil Boley Oberoi

The coming chapter  of Star Plus’s spin off display Dil Bole Oberoi will show that Gauri tell Omkara about  Buama talks to a baby.

Omkara says to  Gauri that rattan is dead and warns her not try to spread any reality extra.

Bauama confronts Gauri and tell her that Ratan become her son and well-knownshows Ratan changed into died in process of saving Omkara.

Gauri tell Omkara about Buamaji did now not overlook some thing &  desires to take revenge from her.

Omkara raises hand on Gauri speakme awful about Buama

Omkara refuse to belive son her and lift &  on Gauri speakme horrific about Buama.

Omkara and Gauri get taken aback seeing a person see them and they are attempting to control the state of affairs.

Wil Omkara discover Buama’s fact?


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