Bua Maa's Master Plan and Real Intention Finally Revelaed Towards Omkara-Gauri In Dil Boley Oberoi

In Star Plus Ishqbaaz Spinn Off Dil Boley Oberoi in Coming episode  Buama believes Omkara is chargeable for her son Ratan’s dying so she needs take revenge from him.

Buama traps Omkara in her plan by way of making a plot in which she purposely keeps a burning candle close to to Ratan’s belongings.

Omkara opens the door in order that candle falls at the basket at the same time as Buama gets panicked seeing Ratan’s memories burning and accuses Omkara for this.

Omkara feels guilty but he says to  Gauri that he does now not know how it all Happened

Gauri takes Omkara outside and Buama thinks that now Omkara will be in guilt and this may assist him to get closer with Gauri.

Buama plans to deliver Omkara and Gauri nearer romantically

Buamadesires  to get her dead Ratan back in process bring Omkara and Gauri’s closer so that she will give same pain to Omkara by snatching his baby.
Will Buama successful binging Omkara and Gauri closer?

Stay tuned for further thrilling updates.

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