Shivaay burst at Nayantara and Lashes Out At Anika Too In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Ishqbaaz Pinky's (Nikita Anand) plan effectively creates rift amid Shivaay and Anika (Surbhi Chandna)

The coming episode of Star Plus popular daily  soap Ishqbaaz will display high voltage drama.

Shivaay is greatly surprised as Anika says to  him that it is Pinky whom they are looking.

Shivaay is bowled over and rushes to look that Nayantara had pushed Pinky from stairs.

Shivaay bursts at Nayantara and exposes her fact infront of all, Anika is bowled over seeing this.

Anika is aware of that Shivaay is hurt but is not prepared to simply accept the fact, Anika is aware of that Shivaay is not ready to just accept truth.

Anika and Shivaay in surprise with Pinky's traitor truth

Shivaay additionally snaps at Anika over the reality and Anika thoroughly is aware of that Shivaay is broken knowing fact but do not need to accuse Pinky.

Pinky's plan has started to paintings and creates rift amid Shivaay &  Anika.


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