Samay's Ugly Truth Revealed To Saanjh and Then This Happened Next In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Tv's Beyhadh  Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) unearths Samay's emotions of love for Maya (Jennifer Winget)

Sony television’s romantic mystery Beyhadh will witness plenty of twist & turns in the imminent song.

Saajh has sooner or later come to recognise that Samay loves Maya and he does now not loves her.

Saanjh gets greatly astonished to recognize this, now she desires to find out that why he's doing fake love drama along with her when he loves Maya.

She also desires to figure out that how they both understand each other and what is the relationship between them.

Saanjh vows to find connection in the middle of Maya-Samay

So now she will be able to try to discover  about their past in order that she will be able to find out that how do they recognize each different and what is the relationship amid Samay-Maya.


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