Not Nayantara Real Culprit Behind Sahil's Kindnap Revealed In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In  Ishqbaaz  Nayantara (Anjali Mukhi) joins hand with Kaamini (Amrapali Gupta), plays against Pinky &  Oberoi Family

The coming chapter of Star Plus famous daily soap  Ishqbaaz is up for maximum exciting twist of story.

Yes the most exciting dhamaka is yet to happen, Pinky had insulted Nayantara and made her livid.

Nayantara now vows to avenge towards Pinky and to smash her, Kamini takes gain of this case.

Nayantara and Kaamini has same enemies and accordingly makes a decision to work collectively towards Oberoi circle of relatives to spoil them.

Nayantara and Kaamini's deadly duo

Nayantara kidnaps Sahil and returns to Oberoi mansion and that too Shivaay brings her lower back home towards Pinky and Anika.

Shivaay had been blackmailed to work in opposition to Pinky and prefer her, Shivaay is furious but has no other choice.

While it is wait and watch to see what's going to Nayantara and Kaamini's this risky Jodi will do now. 

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