Dadi Will Turn Into Naina's Saviour From Reyhaan's Drug Plan In Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

In Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil there are masses of high voltage dramatic conditions seen amid Reyhaan and dadi.

Dadi gets to understand that Reyhaan have given drugs to Naina so that Naina sleeps &  her spirit does not get into Reyhaan's toddler's naamkaran.

Now, dadi simply wanted to make certain that Reyhaan's feature receives spoiled much like Reyhaan had spoiled Raghav's life.

Dadi quick gives Naina an anti dose of medication which makes Naina wake up again and this time dadi wanted a rocking performance from Naina which might thrill Reyhaan.

Dadi-Naina's partnership rock

Naina does simply as dadi had instructed and this time Naina acts as if Naina have possessed the spirit of Ahana and is in full temper to kill the killer of Ahana.

It might be interesting to look at as to how would Reyhaan and Harjeet get to recognise approximately Naina's acting reality?


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