Bad News For Kumkum Bhagya Fans

The upcoming episode of ZEE TV’s famous show Kumkum Bhagya will display that Pragya receives a success going for walks far from Nikhil’s clutches.

Abhi searches Pragya everywhere but is failed to meet her at the same time as Pragya has strong notion Abhi will truly involves shop her.

On Other side  Nikhil hires a pointy shooter killing Pragya and promises to Tanu that Pragya will not be stay tings time.

Abhi prayers god to allow him meets with Pragya once time then he promises in no way to go away her.

Abhi meets with danger saving Pragya

Aprt from this, Abhi receives a few statistics about sharpshooter is behind Pragya to kill her.

Abhi drive the car saving Pragya however bumps with a tree whilst Pragya tries to get away from sharpshooter.

Lots of drama is yet to spread so as to turn Abhi and Pargya’s life.

Stay tuned for further thrilling updates.
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