Very Shocking Move By Jhanvi For Saving Omkara In Dil Boley Oberoi

Jhanvi turns revolver Rani saving Omkara from Tej & Kali Thakur in Star Plus  Dil Bole Oberoi

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus Spin Off show Dil Bole Oberoi will show that Kali Thakur and Tej (Mahesh Thakur) make a solid plan to defeat Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh).

Omkara follows Tej &  Kali Thakur but get trapped by them in which they capture Omkara in a cage.

Omakara treis to fight with them but they took Jhavi on gun pint &  ask him not to do anything as if he desires to see his mother alive.

Kali &  Tej asks dancers to make this party particular in which Rudra &  Gauri come in dancer avatar.

They make everybody absorb in their dance in the meantime Jhanvi snatch gun from Kali’s men.

Tej- Kali get shocked by Jhanvi's annoyed avatar

Jhanvi points gun at Tej &  inform him that she beard his all tortures because she loves him on the other hand now he crosses all limits by using placing his own son lifein problem for Shwetlana however she is  no longer equipped to lose her son for Tej.

Tej &  Kali get shocked seeing Jhanvi’s behaviour &  ask her not to do it but Jhanvi asks him to free Omkara as if he desires to be alive.


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