Very Big Twist In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Beyhadh Maya (Jennifer Winget) turns Arjun's (Kushal Tandon) love for Ayaan into hatred

In Sony tv will witness Arjun’s hatred for Ayaan as he tried to rape Maya.

Ayaan get furious over Maya as she has ruined Arjun’s life, he decides to take revenge from Maya.

Ayaan tries to rape Maya; Maya gets shocked and pleads before him even she shouts for help.

Samay turns Maya’s savior, he stops Ayaan from raping Maya.

Samay stop Ayaan from molesting Maya

Samay slaps Ayaan and then gets him arrested for attempting to rape Maya.

afterward when Arjun regains consciousness then he gets shocked seeing Maya attempting to commit suicide.

Arjun gets shocked, he stops Maya and asks her what happened then she tells that Ayaan tried to rape her.

Arjun gets shocked and gets angry over Ayaan for doing all this, his love for Ayaan turns into hatred.

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