Sad Twist in Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz:   Anika's nearness to death lead to Shivaay true love display towards Anika in Ishqbaaz

Shivaay when gets to know that Anika is in a state of coma cannot believe his ears.

Shivaay had never thought that Shivaay would ever be able to even have witness such a day when Anika would go towards death all due to Shivaay.

Shivaay truely loves Anika but cannot now talk to Anika and also cannot listen to Anika's sweet words.

Shivaay's helplessness for Anika

Eyeing that Anika is in coma Shivaay's love emotional feelings towards Anika starts flowing out.

Shivaay knows that it is now extremly  important for Anika to come back to life as Shivaay cannot live without Anika.

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