Heartbreaking Twist In Sony Tv's Beyhad

Vandana’s (Swati Shah) impasse scenario became Arjun (Kushal Tandon) soft hearted proved peril for Maya (Jennifer Winget) in Beyhadh
The most popular show Of Sonytv's  Beyhadh have been showcasing exclusively on the diversity of infuriating behavior that Maya showed on Arjun.

But now the show will portray melodrama &  poignant drama after Maya’s evil victory.

On Other Side    Vandana’s incensed anger takes her to Arjun where she begs for Ayaan’s life.

Arjun denies, Vandana breaks her havoc on Maya and tries to kill her but Arjun saves Maya.

In the forthcoming chapter Vandana gets heart-attack and faints down which made Arjun ill at ease.

Arjun admits Vandana to hospital where doctors confirm her in critical condition.

Arjun’s caring approach towards Vandana stands Maya in danger zone, after this drastic incident Arjun and Vandana will unite again.

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