Future StoryTwist In Star Plus Show Dil Boley Oberoi

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus spin off show Dil Bole Oberoi will show that Shwetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) kills Dr Dang as he was the one who only knew her reality.

On Other Side  , Shwetlana recalls the moments as how Dr Dang gave her real Shwetlana’s face and asked her to keep Shwetlana alive as she will need of her blood to survive.

Shwetlana damages the proof but is panicked seeing one more proof again is remain in the hospital and decide to go there.

Omkara stops Shwetlana in middle &  warns her that if he gets one proof against her then that will be last day of her in this house.

Shwetlana creates a science and calls Tej, Jhanvi and Buama by telling that Omkara is troubling her.

Shwetlana tries to go out but Omkara holds her hand and notices red mud in her hand which makes her tensed.

Omkara's (Kunal Jaisingh) investigation makes Shwetlana scared

Omkara says to  Shwetlna that there is red mud also in the garden so let go to play there as it will be fun.

Shwetlana buried Dr Dang there and if Omkara reach there so her secret get revealed to all which she never wants.

Wil Shwetlana get successful saving herself from Omkara?

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