Chandra Nandni: Chandra banishes Nandni from the kingdom

Chandra Nandni: Chandra banishes Nandni from the kingdom

Chandra (Rajat Tokas) refuses to believe Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) and takes her outside to question the maid but they find her murdered. Helena picks the knife that Chandra had gifted Nandni which makes everyone believe that Nandni is the culprit. Nandni tries to defend herself but Helena makes sure that Chandra doesn’t believe her. Just then, a maid informs them that there is some movement in Durdhara’s womb.

They rush to the room where Chanakya finds a note written by Durdhara. Though she doesn’t mention Helena’s name at all in the note which makes everyone believe that Nandni is the culprit. Chandra gets Nandni arrested.

Helena and her mother look at each other rejoicing their triumph. Chanakya suggests that they operate on Durdhara to get the baby out. Chandra refuses but gets convinced when everyone stresses. Chandra breaks down outside the room and everyone tries to console him. Everyone rush inside the room as soon as they hear the baby’s cries. Chanakya tells them that the poison has affected the child, too. Chandra leaves the room devastated. He goes to his room and cries inconsolably.

Chanakya comes to his room with the child but Chandra asks him to leave him alone for some time.

Chanakya gives him a lecture about why he needs to be tough but Chandra refuses to listen to him. Chanakya brainwashes him into punishing the culprit. Chandra says that he cannot punish Nandni but Chanakya uses the baby to provoke Chandra to punish her.

He leaves the baby in front of Chandra so his paternal instincts will make Chandra do exactly what Chanakya wants. Nandni is devastated that Chandra refused to meet her. Raajmata also disowns Nandni.

Helena also brainwashes Chandra into punishing Nandni and he buys it. Nandni is being presented in court where Chandra tells her that she will be banished from the kingdom for her crime. He tells her that she will have to leave her family and everyone she loves forever. He refuses to look at her and leaves. Chandra comes looking for Nandni later but doesn’t find her in the room.

 A maid then tells him that Nandni has left the palace. Chandra breaks down after hearing the news. Later on, Chandra introduces his son, Bindusar, to his people.

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