Real Culprit Behind Shivaay's Kidnapping Revealed In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming track of Ishqbaaz will show ahead major breakdown in Shivaay and Anika’s love life.According To Recent Storyline , Shivaay will get a mysterious chit in the wedding following which he will arrive out.
In the pending episode Shivaay will go missing shocking everyone especially Anika
Shivaay will go missing while Dadi, Shakti everyone try to locate him but at last no clue.
Thus Pinky will turn opportunistic and will blame Anika for what Shivaay’s is suffering today.
Pinky will accuse Anika being bad omen for Shivaay and Oberoi’s.
Pinky is the Real Culprit Behind Shivaay Goes Missing ?
As Per Sources "Mysterious Girl Is The Real Culprit Behind shivaay's Kidnapping "
What will be Anika’s next step to back fire Pinky..??

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