Parth raise hand on lawyer In Colors Dil se Dil Tak

In Colors daily show Dil Se Dil Tak viewers will get to witness Shorvori playing her last and final stroke with sending divorce papers to Parth.Shorvori’s lawyer will come to Bhanushali house with the divorce papers and hand over the same to Parth.
Parth will get shattered witnessing the divorce papers and will not believe on himself.
Parth will recall all the beautiful moments spent with Shorvori and will not be able to believe that Shorvori demanded divorce.
furthermore the lawyer will give his pen to Parth to sign the papers.
Parth will lose out his control and will raise his hands to slap the lawyer.
Parth will bend down before Dadaji and Dadi to solve the matter with Shorvori as he loves her a lot.
What will Shorvori do now to make Parth sign the papers?
Will Parth divorce Shorvori?
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