Neil discovers Avni being in Goa with Vidyut In Star Plus Naamkarann

In the forthcoming chapter of Star Plus’ show Naamkaran viewers will get to see entire Khanna family along with Neela upset with Neil.Shweta will be seen firing Neil for not trying to find out Avni’s whereabouts.
Neil will try to calm entire family and assures them that he will get Avni back home.
Shweta is wholly shocked with Neil’s decision to accept back Juhi leaving Avni behind.
touching ahead, viewers will get to see a courier man making entry in the house &  giving some parcel to Neil.
Neil will clandestinely go to his room and watch the CD and later on burn the CD destroying all the evidence.
It seems Neil will be taught that Avni is in Goa and safe with Vidyut.
What was there is the CD that Neil had to burn?
Will Neela and Khanna family learn about Neil and Avni’s secret game plan?
Will Avni and Neil be able to achieve success in their new mission?
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