Neil and Juhi's secret come forth Avni In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

The forthcoming chapter of Star plus Naamkaran will show some interesting track ahead in the storyline.According , Neil and Avni have realized their passionate love for each other...
in the meantime, in the coming chapter the viewers' will get to witness Neil and Avni's remarriage in christian style...

in the middle of this wedding track Neil confronts Avni to reveal his past which is related with him and Juhi.
Before Neil could tell Avni that he is father of Juhi's daughter Avni proposes Neil in a very cute and romantic style...
Avni confesses her love for Neil & they both share very romantic moment...
Neil fails to tell the secret but later on in wedding Neil will leave wedding to save Juhi.
After saving Juhi viewers will get to witness major drama because then Neil will reveal befoe Avni that he is father of Juhi's daughter.
So there are many twists and turns from Neil & Avni's love confession till re-wedding ceremony.
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