Neil and Avni disguise as social worker to find Juhi’s daughter In Star Plus Naamkaran

In Star Plus’ show Naamkaran will showcase noteworthy twist in the upcoming episode.Juhi will ask Neil and Avni to help her to find her daughter.Juhi will unwillingly reveal her past left with no other option as she is sure that Neil and Avni are the only one who can help her.
Juhi reveals about her daughter who is held with Vidyut, GuruMaa’s son.
Moving ahead, viewers will also get to see Juhi extremely worried for her daughter as Vidyut might involve her in human trafficking too.
consequently Neil and Avni assure Juhi to risk their life but to bring back Juhi’s daughter safe back home.
Neil and Avni will thus send out the pamphlet in disguised look turning social worker.
Will Neil and Avni be able to find out Juhi’s daughter?
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