Maya's Dirty Move to Trouble Arohi , Arjun Ayaan In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

The most thrilling and romantic love saga Beyhadh has turned to conspiracy & hatred drama.Arjun (Kushal Tandon) have lastly learned that Maya is returned to vengeance,
in the meantime, Maya (Jennifer Winget) targets Aarohi &  feeds her poisonous chocolate.
Ayaan, Arjun &  Saanjh everybody gets worried and hospitalizes Aarohi.
Aarohi faces critical state over poison where Ayaan gets angry anger on Arjun and blames Arjun for everything what is going on…
Arjun &  Ayaan’s brotherly relation gets crack over Aarohi’s critical condition where soon Ayaan and Aarohi will leave Arjun’s home.
What will be Maya’s next target to ruin Arjun is worth to watch.

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