Ishqbaaz: WTF Anika is unconscious taking last breathe . Will She Die ?

In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz No doubt Star Plus Ishqbaaz is winning viewers’ heart with its’ interesting love story concept amid Shivaay and Anika.In the coming chapter Ishqbaaz will bring ahead deadly twist in the storyline.Shivaay and Anika are arriving to Goa…but suddenly their flight will crash…
With this flight crash viewers’ will get to witness unexpected drama and suspense with some tear-jerker twist.
Shivaay &  Anika’s sweet cum cute romance
Shivaay will be seen heartbroken with Anika’s critical condition and will lose his temper.
Shivaay will cry &  will sorrowfully confess his love for Anika…Anika is unconscious taking last breathe…
But Shivaay’s heartily love confession will finally bring Anika’s life back and they will hug each other showing their passionate love.
Beside this, Goa flight crash will bring romantic love confession in Shivaay Anika’s life when once again they will get stuck in jungle.
It would be very interesting to watch Anika and Shivaay’s interesting love track.
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