That's How and Why Shivaay Anika Will Get Seperated Again In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming chapter of Ishqbaaz will witness some interestng drama with mystery letter.
Anika (Surbhi Chandna) has got the mystery key with which Anika's hunt to dig out truth has begun.
on the other hand Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) unaware of Dadi and Shakti's top secret help, he helps Anika in her move.
Dadi and Shakti have a mystery letter which they hide in the secrecy box.
in the meantime Anika finds that mystery box in which she gets letter.
at the same time as Dadi learns Anika's investigation, Dadi snatches letter from Anika & too warns her to stay away from it.
What is this mysterious letter hiding in it is yet to unfold.
But soon viewers will get to witness that the letter will unfold Shivaay's shocking secret which will again separate Shivaay and Anika.

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