That's How Jhanvi, Arjun & Saanjh will Get trapped again In Sony Tv's Beyhad

The upcoming episode of Beyhadh will unfold shocking twist in Arjun and Saanjh’s life.
As per the ongoing track Court is hearing Maya’s case where Saanjh has presented all the evidences against Maya.
in the meantime Maya’s advocate Pooja defends Maya’s case but suddenly she denies doing so where after Maya herself defends her case.
In the imminent chapter it will be seen that Saanh calls Jhanvi in court as witness and asks her to reveal Maya’s truth.
Ahead Jhanvi says  the entire truth in Court where Maya’s every black crimes &  her evilness come out.
Jhanvi also reveals before Court as how she killed her husband and stuck her into Comma state.
in front Saanjh asks Court to give punishment to Maya, will Court give death penalty to Maya?
Or Court will defend Maya proving her innocent?
It would be interesting to watch as how Maya will save herself and trap Arjun-Saanjh and Jhanvi.

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