Tanu Makes Effort To Dig Munni's Truth in Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

The forthcoming chapter of Zee TV's popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya is up for some high voltage drama.
Tanu tries to get closer to Abhi and Munni had spoiled all, Munni even warns Tanu to stay away from Abhi.
Aliya pretends to make an apology to Munni and also asks Abhi to forgive Tanu as she will not do it again, Abhi forgives Aliya and Tanu for Munni aka Pragya.
at the same time as Tanu gets strong doubt over Munni's behavior and her envy for Abhi's love.
Tanu again warns Aliya that Munni is befooling them &  is actually Pragya and is playing games with them.
Aliya scolds Tanu and asks her to shut up while Tanu on other hand digs in to find real truth.

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