Raman and Ishita are shocked to find the truth of Ashok In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita's problems are getting increased over Shagun's critical condition Beside Shagun's critical condition the time for Raman’s case hearing has also come.
more in the episode to come Shagun is in court where she earlier arranged court marriage with Mani.
Shagun is realize as if she came here earlier meanwhile Advocate Dushyant reveals Shagun and Mani’s marriage truth before Shagun.
Shagun overhearing about her wedding gets faint which makes everyone shocked.
In the upcoming track, Ishita Adi hospitalizes Shagun where Doctors confirm her critical condition.
additionally Ishita and Raman come to hospital and ask Shagun if she recall anything.
Shagun is still in comma but meanwhile Raman and Ishita finds clue about Mani’s murder case.
Raman and Ishita are shocked to find the truth of Ashok which they had decided to reveal after they catch the culprit.
It would be enthralling to watch upcoming track of Raman and Ishita’s investigation.
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