Most Awaited Moment Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In Star Plus popular show Naamkaran viewers will get to witness exciting twist with Neil and Avni’s romantic union
According To Mahaepisode, it was seen that Avni decides to get the liver anyway to save Neil’s life.
DD makes preparations for the liver where Avni also goes to the airport to receive the liver box from which they ordered from Chennai.
in the middle of this, Amol punctures the car tyres where Avni begs for lift to reach the hospital.
On the other Handh, GuruMaa hires shooter to blast the liver box while Avni manage to save the same &  rushes to hospital.
Bebe falls on Avni’s legs and apologizes declaring that Avni is legitimate and not illegitimate.
Avni gets relieved where on the other Hand Neil also comes out of danger.
Avni confess love Neil post Bebe’s acceptance
In the forthcoming chapter, finally Avni will win the Sati Savitri battle saving love Neil.
Avni reveals to Neil that Bebe accepted Avni as legitimate where Neil caresses Avni.
Avni will also be seen promising Neil to never leave him but love him.
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