Major Truth Revelation High Voltage Drama and Showdown Amid Anika Shivaay In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus most well-liked daily soap Ishqbaaz viewers will get to concentration seeking twist as Anika was all set to reveal the entire truth to Shivaay.
It was earlier seen that Shivaay goes missing.
Anika gets teary-eyed while Pinky continues badmouthing Anika for Shivaay’s state.
On the other Side , Gauri consoles Anika and requests her to pray at the same time as Shivaay makes his grand entry.
Anika rushes to Shivaay and reveals everything to Shivaay.
Anika enlightens to Shivaay that their separation was not real.
Anika also notifies that she loves him a lot as Shivaay &  Anika are made for each other.
Shivaay stays shocked in dilemma and reveals that he had gone to Nashik to bring Vikram back.
Pinky tries to stop Anika from enlightening the truth while Shakti praises Anika.
Anika additional requests Shivaay to stop all the drama while Shivaay refuses until she reveals the reason behind the sacrifice.
When will Anika reveal the real reason to Shivaay?
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