Ishita's Masterplan Against Real Murderer Of Mani In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Star Plus high astounding family drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going on an interesting track where Mani’s murder has unfold shocking twists and turns.
Till now Shagun has revealed before Ishita and everybody that Shagun herself killed Mani.
furthermore Shagun reveals that she killed Mani was just an accident it was not intentionally because she was saving Ruhi from Mani.
Overhearing Shagun being Mani’s murderer Ishita Adi Aaliya everyone gets shocked.
in the meantime Ishita asks Shagun to recall entire truth because she has clicked a photo in which a man is killing Mani.
furthermore Ishita releases Raman from jail and plans to double cross Mani’s murderer.
Raman &  Ishita reveal before media that they need two days to catch Mani’s murderer as Shagun has revealed truth.
Over all Ishita has planned to trap the murderer by be-fooling him in his own trap.
After Ishita revealed that Shagun has told truth, Mani’s murderer will definitely try to kill Shagun and in the meantime she will catch the murderer.
Let’s see will Raman &  Ishita be able to catch murderer or not?

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