Death Drama Will Unfold In Zee Tv's KumKum Bhagya

ZEE TV well admired popular soap Kumkum Bhagya is all set showcase high intensity drama.
According To Storyline , Sangram trapped Purab and is willing to marry Disha.
Beside this Purab is blaming himself for ruining Disha's marriage as beacuse of him her marriage is called off.
Purab after knowing Sangram's dirty and lusty intention behind marrying Disha, he decides to save Disha from Sangram.
moreover Purab tries to flee from Sangram's trap and for the same he makes a plan.
Purab &  Disha have developed a soft corner in heart for each other moreover Disha realizes that Purab is a person who cares her more than her husband did, who even not trusts her.
Sangram confronts Purab &  says to  him that how he will marry Disha and will torture her whole life.
Sangram badmouths Disha which makes Purab and angry, it would be interesting to watch as how Sangram and Purab's deadly fight will save Disha.
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