OM Lashes Out At Gauri Because Of This Big Misunderstanding In Dil Boley Oberoi

In Ishqbaaz's Spinn of Dil Boley Oberoi Om (Kunal Jaisingh) bursts out in anger on Gauri(Shrenu Parikh) for disguising as Chulbul

Om  wishesh to  Chulbul back at any fee and he refuses to attend until Kaali-Gauri’s wedding .

Om wants Chulbul before Kaali-Gauri’s marriage and he threatens Kaali that if he does no longer returns Chulbul inside 15 mins then he will kill Kaali.

later  Om escapes from haveli with Chulbul, Kaali runs at the back Om to forestall them but they do not forestall so then Kaali shoots Om.

Gauri aka Chulbul gets surprised, she rushes in the direction of Om then Kaali comes there for taking Chulbul returned however Om fights with Kaali and stops him from taking Chulbul lower back.

Kaali stabbing Om with sword but Chulbul comes in among &  his wig falls down, Om gets bowled over.

Om thinks that Gauri fooled him taking avatar of Chulbul and real Chulbul continues to be with Kaali so he lashes out at Gauri.


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