New Twist : Naina thretnes to expose Harjeet In Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

The coming episode of Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil will display that Reyhaan & Naina get wedded  where Naina needs Reyhaan to permit Dadi come with her.

Naina reaches to Reyhaan’s house and feel some stressed within the house however attempts to forget that.

Soon some sprit enters in in Naina’s frame & he or she says to  all and sundry that she will live along with her husband Reyhaan

Reyhaan is bowled over but he goes together with her as he does no longer want to create greater drama.

Naina wakes up and is bowled over seeing herself in Reyhaan’s room and gets burdened while Reyhaan says to  her that she stated as she will be able to stay in his room.

Naina ask Reyhaan for area to keep her fabric and Reyhaan suggests her to hold in right vicinity.

Naina open cupboard and sprit yet again possessed Naina and tells Reyhaan that he knows as she loves to preserve cloth in left aspect.

Reyhaan gets  irked by way of Naina’s behaviour and asks her to do anything she wishes.

afterwards, Naina suggests Ahana’s picture which proves as Ahana possessed Naina’s body to live with Reyhaan.

in addition , Naina confronts Harjeet for seeking to kill her baby and threatens to show proof to Reyhaan.


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