Nayantara and Anika's Major Confrontation Will Bring Big Twist In Ishqbaaz

The drawing close episode of Star Plus popular each day soap Ishqbaaz goes to expose excessive voltage drama.

Nayantara has entered Oberoi mansion as in step with Pinky's plan and is making each attempt to reveal her cheapness.

Shivaay tries to hold Anika away from Nayantara till &  until he finds the proper evidence of her being Anika's mom.

On the equal time as Pinky isn't always geared up to permit this manifest as she has fakely planted Nayantara against Anika.

Nayantara and Anika's altercation

Nayantara now starts offevolved her chamiya dance in Oberoi mansion and flirts with Shakti to embarrass Anika.

Anika feels awful seeing this as she has by using now discovered that Nayantara is claiming to be her long lost mother.

Let's wait and watch will Anika accept it so effortlessly that she is her mother and could Shivaay manage to deal with the state of affairs.

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