Maya Exposed That's How Maya's Game Will Over In Sony Tv's Beyhad

Vandana getsMaya (Jeniffer Winget) arrested in Ashwin's murder case under Arjun's (Kushal Tandon) survillence in Beyhadh

In Beyhadh there are many conditions whereon Vandana might get the enough proof towards Maya (Jeniffer Winget).

Maya admitts that Maya become the only murderer of Ashwin and no one else and so Vandana could not believe her ears.

Vandana thinks that Maya ought to go to so much volume that she can even kill her personal father to get Arjun's love.

Vandana thinks that Maya's love for Arjun is harming Arjun best and so vandana ought to do some thing to prevent Maya's insanity.

Vandana takes Arjun's aid

Vandana thinks that Maya have crossed all her limits in owning Arjun's love and slowly Maya is turning revengeful for Arjun.

Vanadana famous Maya's secret of killing Ashwin and additionally asks Arjun to take a few action towards Maya.

It might be interesting to watch as to how would Maya get behind bars by way of Arjun and Vandana's blend?


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