Anika Shattered When She Came To know reality In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

Pinky has eventually delivered bar dancer Naintara in Oberoi mansion as Anika’s mother.

First Shivaay meets her and receives greatly surprised to know that she is a bar dancer.

Anika finds Pinky's evil reason in the back of bringing Naintara to Oberoi mansion

afterwards  Anika meets her mom and he or she too receives taken aback that she is daughter of bar dancer.

She gets shattered knowing this reality she is not able to remember the fact that whether or not she must be satisfied or unhappy that she has met her mother.

after Anika overhears Pinky and Naintara’s communique and she involves realize that Pinky has planted Nainatara in her lifestyles with evil cause of separating her from Shivaay, she gets taken aback.

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